S2 model Yarı Otomatik Distilasyon Ünitesi

S2 model Yarı Otomatik Distilasyon Ünitesi

Steam distiller S 2 with automatic addition of NaOH and H2 O  

  • Exemplary safety and reliability
  • Robust and insensitive housing made of polyurethane
  • Distillation time approx. 3 min per sample
  • Detection limit 0.2 mg N n Retrieval rate > 99.5% n Reproducibility ± 1%
  • Adjustable steam output (40% - 100%)
  • Particularly easy, menu-driven operation using a single control (behr single-knob control)
  • Programmable reaction time
  • Programmable distillation time n USB interface
  • Level monitoring for the canister set
  • Practical quick-release clamping device, which the user can also easily operate with their left hand

S 2 Steam distiller, semi-automated 804849002

KAS 20 Canister set for S 1 and S 2, consisting of 2 canisters à 20 l, incl. float switches 804849020