RiOs-DI Clinical

RiOs-DI Clinical


The RiOs-DI® Clinical system is a compact solution designed for low volume analyzers. The system efficiently combines reverse osmosis (RO) technology with deionization (DI) resins to produce CLSI® Special Reagent Water (SRW). It is economical, easy to use, saves water and improves productivity and results.

Simple handling & maintenance


  • Specifically designed to feed low-volume analyzers using up to 20 L/day 
  • Convenient installation anywhere in your laboratory with its compact design: wall-mounted or on the bench. 
  • Easily insert your pack in one movement with the patented locking mechanism. 
  • Backlit color display provides just the information required. 
  • SRW water is easily available from the 6L built-in storage tank. 
  • Provides an efficient alternative to buying and storing bottled water.


Quality certificates

For full confidence in your RiOs-DI® Clinical system, it is delivered a Certificate of Conformity ensuring that it has been built and tested fully assembled following internal Standard Operating Procedures. All RiOs-DI® Clinical consumables are delivered with their Certificate of Quality. The manufacturing site is ISO® 9001 v.2000 and ISO® 140001 certified.