Spektrofotometre - Spectronics 200 UV-VIS

Spektrofotometre - Spectronics 200 UV-VIS

Thermo Scientific Spectronics 200 UV-VIS Spectrophotometers

  • Ortam ışığından etkilenmeyen optik dizayn sayesinde uzun tüplerle okuma imkanı
  • Aynı anda 12 örneği okumaya imkan veren dizayn
  • Öğrenci laboratuarları için ideal  ve pratik kullanım kolaylığı
  • Kendi üzerindeki tuş takımları  ve LCD ekran ile kullanım kolaylığı
  • Çıkartılabilir örnek okuma kompartımanı sayesinde kolay temizlik imkanı

The SPECTRONIC 200 is a rugged, simple-to-use spectrophotometer ideal for routine applications. On-board software, controlled from an intuitive navigation pad using a full color screen, delivers capabilities beyond expectations.


Rugged, Practical Design

  • With no moving parts, there's nothing to wear out
  • Sample compartment lifts out for easy cleaning
  • Polymer construction resists corrosion from acidic or oxidizing solutions
  • Navigation pad and on-screen menus are second nature to any modern user
  • Compact footprint saves space in your lab
  • Cuvette racks on both sides of the sample compartment help you keep track of samples
  • No computer or serial cable required; Just plug it in and you're ready to measure

The Perfect Tool for Routine Spectroscopic Measurements

  • Large, bright, color LCD adjusts to the perfect angle for any technician to view
  • Standard sample compartment accommodates both 10mm square cuvettes and test tubes up to 25mm (1 inch) diameter
  • Room light immune optical system lets you measure tall test tubes with the lid open
  • Analyzer mode allows you to program standard methods
  • Screen-print feature gives a permanent record of your data
  • Quantitative analysis with either a factor or up to four standards offers confidence
  • Available Thermo Scientific™ VISIONlite™ 5 software, for your computer, controls the instrument and provides data manipulation, storage and report printing options